Create Your First Planning Poker Session

Create your first Team Planning Poken session using the following steps. Ensure that you have configured your TFS Account for OData access.
The first step is to configure TFS Agile Poker to point to your TFS server. This can be used with TF Service or on-premises TFS 2010/2012. TFS Agile Poker also supports multiple connections.

After opening the application, open the settings charm menu and select Application Settings

In the application settings, type in your name into the Name field and click on the plus that is highlighted to create a TFS Connection.

Click on the plus under the TFS connection setting to add a new connection. Once in the Manage TFS Connection screen, add the appropriate fields.

  • Connection Name - Friendly name to uniquely identify the TFS Connection
  • Web Access URL - This is the URL for opening the story details in Web Access. TF Service format is:
  • Odata URL - Endpoint exposing TFS API. For all TF Service accounts use this url:
  • Domain - Domain of the user account. For TF Service, use the name of your TF Service site account.
  • Username - Username without the domain that you have configured to communicate with TFS OData
  • Password - Password to connect to the TFS Odata service. This is stored encrypted.

Once you have filled in all of the fields, click the save icon. This will return you to the application settings. Click save once more and then return to the application.

On the Create or Join Connection screen, choose Create as indicated below. Note: There is also help available and the ability to retry if there is a connection problem through the bottom app bar on this page.

The next page is Choose a connection. Here you choose the TFS connection that you previously configured. Click the appropriate connection.

Next, the Choose a Project page will display. This will list all of your Team Projects for that connection. Choose the team project that contains the backlog items that you want to point.

Now that you have chosen the Team Project, choose the backlog query that contains the items you want to point. These queries can contain multiple work items types but User Stories, PBIs, and Tasks are supported. Custom Work Items may also work if they contain an Effort or Story Points field.

The following page lists the backlog items from the query. Here you will start with the user story that you want to point and continue through the list until you are done. Choose one of the items to begin the session where you can invite other users and begin pointing.

The Point the backlog item page is where most of the work is done. There are many features available on this page including being able to view the backlog item in TFS Web Access. Click on the item if you configured in the TFS Settings to launch it in IE. Note: This is only available to the session leader at this time.

The first time you view this page you will be the only user in the session. To add new users click on the invite users button in the bottom menu. This will open the Share charm. Here you can send an email to the requested participants. Choose a previous recipient or choose Mail to send to a new one.

The Mail charm displays with the basic contents of the message included with the information to join the session. You can add multiple recipients and add additional information to the message. Once it is ready, send the invite so your additional users can join the session.

The user page will be similar to the session leader shown above except that the users can not invite other users and they can't publish the final agreed upon value to TFS. To Point the story, each user should choose the appropriate point by clicking the blue card shapped buttons. Once everyone has pointed check to see if there are any differences and continue to repoint until a value is agreed upon. Then click on the Publish button. Here you can choose the final value and publish it back to TFS.

This will take you back to the backlog item list where you can continue to go through the items. The users will go to a "lobby" page where they will wait until you choose the next item.

I hope enjoy using TFS Agile Poker. Please let us know how you what you think.